brief history
Precise Tool and Manufacturing Inc. was founded in 1974, and started off as a quick turn around small parts manufacturer. Over the next few years the business grew and expanded. It diversified its capabilities and earned its reputation by building special machinery and prototype equipment for several local industries. Throughout this time the company built up its CNC machine tool base to support the efforts of its design and build department. Seeing the potential growth in CNC parts manufacturing Precise focused its efforts in this area and moved to its current location at 9 Coldwater Crescent, starting with 7,500 square feet of space. At this location Precise put on multiple building expansions and new equipment purchases to support its core competency of precision CNC machining.
In 2012, Precise recognized the need for skilled machinists, and decided to begin training highly motivated students within their own facilities. A small workshop and classroom was created under the very same roof. The Precise CNC Machining Institute (PCMI) was born. PCMI provides candidates that are accepted into the program paid training while learning the trade. This opportunity comes from a company who's been successful in CNC machining for almost 40 years. Our goal at PCMI is to train students for a lifelong career in the CNC Machining trade.
our objectives
To prepare students for employment as entry level CNC Machinists. The training program will focus on developing skills in the safe operation of machine tools such as lathes, mills, grinders, drill presses with an emphasis on CNC mills and CNC lathes. Overall quality techniques will be covered as well as proficient use of precision measuring tools and interpreting industrial drawings. The program includes both classroom training and hands-on training in machine shop skills. For more information about our program, click here.